What Do You See?

“If what you see is ALL you see then you will never see all their is to see!” Think on this sentence for a little bit because it can be confusing to some, especially new Christians.  The message here is – “You need to walk by faith in what you cannot see instead on only … More What Do You See?

Where is God?

God is right where He belongs – with you everywhere you go, with you every minute of every day, carrying you when you cannot walk another step, crying with you when you hurt, smiling with you when you are joy filled.  Yet we can often times feel alone. We feel like God is a million … More Where is God?

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tomorrow here in America we celebrate Thanksgiving.  This is a day that has great meaning for Americans in that it is a day to come together as a family and celebrate our settling the United States with our Indian brothers and sisters. It was also a time for the early settlers to tell our Indian … More Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving in the Midst of Adversity

Gratitude comes easily when everything is going our way, but 1 Thessalonians 5:18 says, “In everything give thanks.” This includes both good and hard times. But when we don’t understand why God allows us to go through suffering and trials, we may let our situation extinguish a grateful spirit. Instead of rejoicing and praising God … More Thanksgiving in the Midst of Adversity