The Bible is absolutely full of the fact that we need to keep the truth with us each and every minute of every day.  Jesus called Himself, “The Way, The Truth, and the Life” meaning that Jesus, at His very core, is Truth embodied. The truth can seem to mean many things but in the … More Truth

Dead Ends

“I am so sick of waiting for God to do something about my situation.” “I ave been waiting for 6 months and nothing is changing in my situation.” “Nothing will ever change in my life.  It will always be this bad or worse.” “It seems like I will never catch a break.  I never seen … More Dead Ends


As a Pastor and a Counselor, I love to listen to other Pastors give their sermons.  Early on I was told by my teachers and by other Pastors that it is best to not listen to other Pastors because it can have an influence on what I decide to say. Well actually I see that … More Consequences