God’s Light Christian Counseling’s Beliefs


CEO – Lead Counselor – Pastor Brad Komgenick

Pastor and Lead Counselor Brad Komgenick was born in Indianapolis, Indiana and currently resides in beautiful Westfield, Indiana.  Pastor Brad is a graduate of Liberty University, a Christian University based out of Lynchburg VA.  Pastor Brad’s degree was in Christian Ministry and he is certified as a Christian Counselor as well.

After spending 15 years in Secular Counseling, Pastor Brad heard the call from God and immediately enrolled at Liberty University in order to obtain Ordination as a Pastor and Certification as a Christian Counselor.  More recently, Pastor Brad has affiliated himself with several local churches and hospitals in Indiana, as well as the Cornerstone Marriage Retreat and has opened God’s Light Christian Counseling to help individuals and married couples begin to tackle the struggles they are facing and to start living the amazing life God has planned for all of us.

Pastor Brad lives by a very Christian Wordview with God at the center.  Everything that God’s Light Christian Counseling does is done in God’s way and in God’s light so that God will bless the work being done.

Pastor Brad has been married for 25 years to his wife Amy and they have 2 children, Blake and Ashley.


Our Beliefs

Here at God’s Light Christian Counseling we hold to a Christian Worldview with Jesus Christ at the very core of all that we do.  God meant for our Earthly marriages to model that of our relationship with God.  In today’s society, the divorce numbers are showing that this is becoming harder and harder to do.  In fact, our current society is working to redefine what God meant for a marriage to be – between one man and one woman.

Here at God’s Light Christian Counseling, we stick to a tried and true methodology of ensuring that the lives of our clients are right with God and then we can begin to deal with the problems that society and our environment has thrust upon us.

We view our clients as who they are, an entire person who brings all of their lives experiences with the,m into their marriages.  For example, a man who was brought up in a home where the Dad might have been abusive is going to naturally want to bring that same behavior into his marriage and he may do so without even consciously thinking he is doing so.  That is why we concentrate on the whole person and then on the issues that our clients are currently experiencing.

We also save a seat in every session for God to join us, as it is God who does the healing – we simply are the tools He chooses to use to heal our clients marriages.

Finally, we understand that counseling should be convenient and affordable and we have made every effort to ensure that is exactly what our clients receive from us.  Please view our Testimonials Page to hear from many of our satisfied clients.

We feel blessed that you have chosen God’s Light Christian Counseling and we hope you will contact us to learn more and schedule your appointment with us today.

May God bless you and your family!

Pastor Brad Komgenick


One thought on “God’s Light Christian Counseling’s Beliefs

  1. Dear beloved of God,

    Receive Kingdom Greetings to you in the Most Blessed Name of the Lord Our Father. May I take this opportunity to Introduce myself to you. I am by the Grace of God Sister Rose From Kenya. It is by the Grace of God that as I was Looking for Christian Materials in the website I came across your contact and decided to contact you because I was pleased for the work of God that you are doing.Please I request that we partner with you in this word of God who is our Savior and Redeemer.
    It is my Sincere Prayers that you accept our partnership request to do work of God together.Be blessed as I pray and hope to hear from you soon.

    Yours Serving in Christ.
    Sister Rose.


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