2017 In Perspective and 2018 Brings Change


Wow, another year has come and gone.  This year was the best year ever for God’s Light Christian Counseling.  It is hard to fathom but just in one year we:  helped over 114 couples mend their marriages; we helped over 12 young men and women overcome their fear and disappointments with college and begin the this new year on much better footing and with a plan for success, we helped over 25 people understand what co-dependency is and how it is just a label and does not need to define who these people are; we worked with 10 bi-polar people to understand the root cause as to why they are feeling like their lives are a roller coaster of emotions; we helped leaders in companies grow their leadership skills and showed them that what they put into their teams comes back to them a thousand fold; finally we baptized 6 people this year and helped them begin their walk with God.  I’d say that is quite the year for a scrappy little company like ours.

But we are just getting started!!!!

2018 will see this little company grow and we are excited about it.  To begin with, we are taking on a partner and we will be changing the name of the business as well to better align with our company goals.  We are bringing on a new Counselor/Coach in Mr. Ben Perrine and we could not be happier about having Ben join us in the journey.  Having Ben as a partner is going to allow us to help more people and to expand our offerings into more daytime hours as well.

Next we are going to be changing the name of the company from God’s Light Christian Counseling to Komper Counseling and Coaching.  We will still specialize in Marriage and Family Therapy but will now be doing much more work in the general counseling and marriage/life coaching arenas.  As well we will be continuing to work with companies who are interested in increasing their Employee Satisfaction and Retention scores as we always have.  We have taken on an exciting new client that we will be announcing soon which is our largest ever.

Our video counseling/coaching sessions are all the rage as people simply no longer want to have to travel to an office where they feel uncomfortable and be stuck with 9-5 hours.  Our video sessions take place in your own home over a safe connection during the hours you want them to happen.  This way, it simply does not matter where you live – we can help you!

We here at Komper Counseling and Coaching are very excited for the changes that 2018 will bring.  Our mission stays the same – to serve you in the way you need in order to help you begin to live the life God always had intended for you.  We will continue to be here for you.

So very many of our clients start with us by utilizing our FREE first video session and then become clients after they feel that we are a good fit for them, and let me urge you to do the same.  Since we are growing we can now have much more time to begin taking on new clients and getting a free sessions is a wonder way to get started.  Call today at 1-317-379-2842 to schedule your absolutely free counseling session and let us help you to begin to live the life you’ve always wanted.

Happy New Year to you and your family and may God bless you with health, joy, and blessings in this New Year.

God Bless!

Komper Counseling and Coaching

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