Reading Versus Hearing

Young woman reading bible

You will never hear me say that hearing God’s Word preached to you is a bad thing.  There are so many great sermons that I have heard in my lifetime that have truly made a huge difference in my life.

But with that said, I can honestly say that I get so much more from the Bible when I sit down with it, and with a Concordance, and with a Bible Dictionary, and with an open mind and heart and just let God speak to me and lead me on an adventure to truly understand and take away from the Bible what God wants me to learn from it.

I let myself truly go as I study God’s Word.  I imagine what it was like to have been there walking with Jesus as He took a few fish and fed 5,000 people!  I can imagine what it was like to be standing next to Mary and Martha and see the look on their faces when Lazarus walked out of his tomb still wrapped in his death wrapping!  When I come across a word or phrase that I do not understand, I rely on my reference materials like the dictionary and concordance and even maps to help me to better understand what the context of the passage is and it always leads me to the true meaning of the text.

I must admit, there are days when I read my Bible and come away telling God, “If I am being honest with you right now Lord, I did not get much from that reading.”  I will then come back to it later and lo and behold, it will have taken hold with me and the meaning will come shining through.  Our minds and hearts need to be in the right place in order for us to grasp what God is trying to tell us.

Many people tell me that the Bible is just too hard to understand with the parables and the imagery that just seems to be too hard to grasp.  To those people I simply say, ask God to help you clear your mind and to help you understand what you are reading.  God will happily help you if you truly want to understand it.  More importantly, God will really show you exactly what He is trying to teach if you purpose in your heart to actually put into actions in your life what you read.  The Bible is filled with words and words alone.  Actions, as you know, speak much louder than words.

So when the Bible tells us, “Thou shall not lie,” it does not say, “Thou shall not lie except when you think it will not hurt others and will also make you look better.”   God wants us to read His Word, absorb it into our lives, and then live it out every day.

We are human and we are going to continue to sin, that is a given.  But when we sin, we should be feeling the pressure the Holy Spirits puts upon us in telling us what we are doing is wrong, and we should be moved to action to make it right.

Let me urge you to really take your Bible reading seriously and to never just believe what someone else tells you just because they start every sentence with, “The Bible says….”  If something someone says does not seem right to you, look it up in the Bible and test it.  You would do this if someone at work said something that you felt was not right, so why not do the same with words that have an effect on your eternity?

I truly treasure the time I spend reading God’s Word.  I learn something new from it every single day and I look forward to it every single day.  I love it when God opens my eyes to a meaning of a passage I have been struggling with so much that I then want to run out and share it with everyone, and that is just what God calls us to do.

If you ever find yourself truly stuck on any text in the Bible, you should feel free to email me and consider me your “Bible Answer Dude” as I will be happy to explain any passage you may have.

It is my prayer that you will cherish your time in God’d Word as much as you cherish anything else in life.  After all, reading God’s Word leads to knowing Jesus better and better every day.

With great love and assurance,

Pastor Brad Komgenick
God’s Light Christian Counseling

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