The Circle

I recently read a great book that is about to become a major motion picture called The Circle.  Without giving away any spoilers, the story is about a young women who finally gets a job at the most popular technology company in the world.  They challenge her to wear a camera at all times, 24/7, … More The Circle

Are You Convicted?

Convictions in the Life of a Christian As Christians we should have some godly convictions that define who we are and determine our lifestyle and choices. We may claim that our convictions are a private matter; but in reality, they are constantly on display for all to see because we live them out each day … More Are You Convicted?

Try Harder!

One of the worst things we can hear when we are struggling with life is for people to tell us things like “Try harder”, “Have more faith”, or “Just stop it.”  All of these work so well don’t they! Believe it or not I have spoken with many people who tell me that either their … More Try Harder!


The Bible is absolutely full of the fact that we need to keep the truth with us each and every minute of every day.  Jesus called Himself, “The Way, The Truth, and the Life” meaning that Jesus, at His very core, is Truth embodied. The truth can seem to mean many things but in the … More Truth