Jesus’ Birth

When you think of Christmas, what thoughts come to mind? Do you immediately focus on shopping, gifts, entertaining, and cooking, or do you remember that Jesus’ birth is the main event? Even if your initial thoughts are about that first Christmas, you could miss some of life’s most important lessons if you don’t move beyond … More Jesus’ Birth

Who Is This Jesus?

Who is Jesus? That’s a question every Christian should be able to answer correctly and confidently, yet many of us feel totally inadequate to explain who He is. We’ve been saved and baptized, we attend church regularly, and even give to the ministry of the church. But if someone questions us about Jesus, sometimes we … More Who Is This Jesus?

Silent Night

As a child, I can remember that I used to love just sitting in front of our Christmas tree and I was mesmerized by the lights and how they danced.  I could sit there and watch those lights for hours at a time. The anticipation of what was under the tree was just the best … More Silent Night

Faith as a Verb

My guess is that God often wonders when we are going to be willing to be put our faith to the test.  We sit around and wonder why things are not working out as we want them to.  We ask God, “Are you not hearing my prayers?  I have prayed for this over and over, … More Faith as a Verb