Unfailing Love


unfailing-lovePsalm 6:4 – “Turn, Lord, and deliver me; save me because of your unfailing love.” What an awesome thought – God loves us unfailingly!!

Did you ever stop to meditate on the thought that God loves you “unfailingly”?  Do you know what that means?  It means that God never fails to love you.

“But what if I sin?”  He loves you unfailingly.

“But what if I have trouble with my faith?”  He loves you unfailingly.

“But you do not know what I have done.  It is the absolute worst sin ever done by man.”  He loves you unfailingly.

It simply does not matter what you have done.  Even if you have never accepted Jesus Christ as your personal savior, Psalm 6:4, which was inspired by God Himself, tells us that God loves you unfailingly!

Unfailingly!!  God will never fail you.  People will inevitably fail you, they cannot help it.  God will never fail you!  Ever!  If God can create you, then He can love you as He chooses.

Please friends, lets never lose sight that God loves us unfailingly.  When we hurt – He loves us.  When we cry – He loves us and cries with us.  When we fail – He is there to pick us up and help us move forward again.  How many people can you name that will do this for you?

Unfailingly!!!  Thank You God for loving us in a way that we can hardly understand.  Thank You for loving us when we feel unlovable.  Thank You for loving us when we feel unforgivable.  Thank You for giving us your Son, Jesus Christ so that we can have eternal life with You in Heaven.  Thank you for your unfailing love!   In Jesus name, Amen!

With great Love,

Pastor Brad Komgenick

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