How Awesome is God!!!

From time to time God blesses me with moments where I get to see just a little glimpse at just how absolutely AWESOME He is.

How does He do this?  Well God gives me these moments that I have termed, “I am absolutely nothing and You God are more than everything” moments.

Let me share one I had just this evening.  Turns out my brand new riding lawn mower decided to take a little vacation and it first refused to start and then when it did start it blew huge puffs of white smoke out the side of it.  Now I freely admit that I barely know which end of a hammer to use so fixing anything like this is well beyond my means.

So as I am sitting on my riding lawn mower, letting the thoughts of how much this was going to cost me consume my mind and drag me down, God tapped me on the shoulder and I looked over to my right at my neighbors flowers in her garden.


Then that little voice told me:

Do you see this one flower over here – the one that is more purple than anything you have ever seen before in your life?  Beautiful flower isn’t it?  How about this yellow one that is as bright as the sun shining at noontime.  Now that is yellow for you!  Did you happen to notice the other yellow one behind it that is kind of like it yet their colors are not exactly the same?  They are not the same because I chose to make each and every single thing in the world unique!  Kinda cool aren’t I?  Oh and did you notice how absolutely deep green I have made your grass this year?  It is like a forest of trees swaying back and forth in the wind – the wind that I created and am causing to blow through and cool you off right now.  Feels nice out here right now doesn’t it?  Do you see that beautiful red breasted robin bouncing around across the street over there?  She is singing to her friends to let them know she has found some food to share.  I’ll bet those birds don’t have a care in the world.  What total freedom there is in the world.  One last thing, I’m God and your not.  Quit feeling sorry for yourself and call your Father-In-Law and he will fix your lawnmower.  Please Brad, never lose sight of the awesome beauty I have put around you no matter what you might think might be more important.  After all, you can get another lawn mower right?  How many of Me are there?”


Chills!!!  I always get chills when I know that God is speaking and working in my life.  My eyes start to well up and I realize just how magnificently small I am, and how huge and AWESOME God is!

We are so blessed to have a God who cares enough to show us that He is an artist – He loves and values uniqueness – He never wants us to get caught up in the small things and lose sight of the real things that matter – And most of all GOD LOVES US, and HE IS AWESOME.

Let’s stop calling anything but God awesome.  Food isn’t awesome, food tastes great.  Movies might be amazing, but they are not awesome, God is awesome.  Awesome means ‘worthy of awe’, ‘worthy of our full attention’.  That explains God perfectly, and nothing else.

Does God speak to you the way He speaks to me?  I’ll answer that for you, yes He does.  But are you listening?  You have to listen very closely to hear God.  He never shouts, He whispers.  Why does He whisper?  Because we should always be listening for Him to speak and work in our lives.  When we fill our lives with busyness instead of God there is no room for Him to fill and no time for you to listen.

Sometime, just go out in your yard and just sit down in the grass, not in a chair, but on the grass that God cares for each and every day.  Notice that no two blades of grass are exactly the same height, length, or color.  Actually feel the wind blow across your face and breath it in.  Real air, not air conditioned air.  Look at the people around you and realize that each person you see:  is unique, is loved by God, was created by God to serve God, had parents that God had to bring together to bring them to life here on Earth, might look at you and wonder why your just sitting in your yard so they just might come over and ask you, which gives you a chance to share Christ with them.

God and God alone is Awesome!  Get alone, get quiet, and just tell God how awesome He is.  Then notice how great you instantly feel the second after you do!  Then get quiet again and let God show you the purple and yellow flowers He made just for your enjoyment!

God is Awesome!!  And so are you!  Have an amazing weekend!!!

With Love,

Pastor Brad Komgenick

8 thoughts on “How Awesome is God!!!

  1. A great post and Yes!!God is AWESOME!!

    I love the moments when God speaks to me like this. It is always after a tiny disappointment that He shows how marvelous things are, just the way He has meant it to be.


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